Zostel Entrepreneurship Development Program

Are you ready to take the next step to realize your dream of owning YOUR OWN ZOSTEL?
Our philosophy of life is simple – we simply want to live doing what we love while trying to leave our mark by changing the face of travel and tourism sector. Obviously this being such a humongous task, we can’t do it alone. We want passionate, hard-working people with a similar philosophy in life to come along.

If you want to get in touch with us for the same please send a mail to followyourheart@zostel.com
Let's begin!
Zostel Entrepreneurship Development Program Steps

Step 1: Before filling this form make sure to go through all the confidential details about Zostel that we have revealed on our website zostel.com/followyourheart. This includes case studies of present Zostels, infographic with all the statistics of this business and a calculator to understand a ball park figure of expenses involved and possible returns from a backpacker hostel business.

Step 2: After you have gone through all the details you will be at a better position to answer all the questions in this form. Fill this typeform as honestly and as religiously as possible. The more we know about you, the better it  helps us to understand why you want to do this.

Step 3: We will review your application and get back to  as per the details you provide here.
Thanks a lot for believing in Zostel's vision of revolutionizing the way people travel.

What location would you like to open a Zostel? *

If you haven't decided or are not sure which will be the best location for you please visit bit.ly/zostelcities
Feel free to suggest any city or offbeat place that you might have in mind.
Please tell us why you feel the location you have chosen would be best for you. (In terms of you being able to open a hostel here and manage the place on the long run.) *

It helps to have a location where it would be easier for you to find Zostel Properties and manage it easily in terms of language, connections and local knowledge of the area. For example, if you dont have a property in this location it would help to have contact to find the best property.
What is your name? *

What is your phone number? *

Which is the place that you call your home? *

Your address.
We know age is just a number,but what is that number? *

Now that we know your basic profile , we would love to hear about who YOU really are and why are you choosing this road less taken.

Tell us about the current organization and the position you are presently working in. *

Why do you want to open a backpackers' hostel? *

Time to open up about your passions, dreams and aspirations.
Since you know the maths now, how much money can you spend on building your dream backpackers' hostel? *

Please make sure you have gone through the EDP-2 case studies to understand the capital expenditure required to start a Zostel. Use the calculator provided to get a ball park figure of capital investments required to start. Give us the maximum possible investment you are willing to make to start your own Zostel. Make sure your answer is in Lakhs . Example -  20 Lac or 25 Lac
How do you plan to raise the money required for starting your Zostel? *

Do you own the property that you're going to convert into Zostel? *

How many rooms does your property have?

What is the precise location of your property?

Having a location which has an access to all tourist locations is a big plus. Please provide location co-ordinates from google map or the nearest landmark with distance from the property.
Would you be right there, working and partying hard, when your dream Hostel flourishes? *

Have you stayed at a Zostel before? *

How many Zostels have you stayed in so far? *

Have you stayed in any other Backpacker Hostel before? *

Where? *

Since how long have you known about Zostel and how? *

Have you gone through and understood the presentation, info graphic and calculator on the website? *

Thanks a lot! We really appreciate your interest in partnering with Zostel. Its only through people like you, we will be able to bring about the change that Indian travel industry needs!

Jai hind!!

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